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As of 8-10-2022, the residential roads have been sealcoated.                                      
Advance has finished paving Golf Drive, Bogey, Slice, Fade, Dogleg, Par, & Bermuda. 
Being unable to get the cars at Swing moved,  Swing will be revisited at a future date.  

The crew is scheduled to begin on Maybury Circle and Lost Creek Circle Monday the 22nd.  On Monday the 22nd, Maybury and Lost Creek will be closed from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  During these hours please park all vehicles at the playground, on Baldknobber Drive, or at the cut out by the dumpster on Forrest Lake Drive.

Once complete with Maybury and Lost Creek, the crew will move onto Baldknobber Drive focusing on the north side as much as possible.  The following week (August 27th) the crew will focus on the remainder of Baldknobber Drive and Stepping Stone. At this time all vehicles need to be parked on the finished areas of Baldknobber Drive to allow treatment to the lodge-side lanes and cut-ins.

OakRidge will be done the week of September 5th.
Oak Lane, Birdie and Swing will be done the week of September 12th.
Finally, Bunker, Birdie cut-ins, and Ace will be done the week of September 19th.  

Thank you,

IT IS IMPOTANT TO LET THE SEALCOAT COMPLETELY DRY BEFORE DRIVING.  Crack filling is generally done prior to sealcoating, but in some instances the sealcoat may be applied prior to crack filling.  This schedule could be delayed due to weather.
Once the paving company moves into the residential drives, residents will need to stay off the sealcoat until dry.  Your road may be closed for 2 to 4 hours depending on the location.  We will give 24 hours notice before completely closing a residential roads.